Blvd Supply, Inc.

Clear and effective print and web designs for a streetwear company.

Blvd Supply printed display cubes


I was tasked with designing pop-up display cubes to pair with our shirts inside retail stores. BLVD's branding and the company spokesperson had to be prominently displayed. The company was introducing various products with a galaxy print for the fall season. I wanted to tie in the eye-catching print with the pop-up display cubes. I sourced a local vendor who could provide this specific die-cut at a reasonable cost.

Blvd Supply printed display cubes


During my time at BLVD Supply, I used various production methods. BLVD sells single pairs of high-quality patterned socks. The hang card must fit perfectly and display the pattern well. I had to create a specific die-cut that would fit our socks. For the woven tag, I was given specific copy that needed to be sewn on each individual shirt. I worked with print, to various clothing material and digital graphics.

Blvd Supply printed display cubes

Fast Paced

For every season a catalog was created to show BLVD's current line of clothing and accessories to potential retail stores. I photographed, edited, and arranged the hats and accessories.

Blvd Supply printed display cubes


I maintained the graphics for our website. The website was the main source of communication with our customers. We wanted to promote a rapper, who was our spokesperson, and give our customers something fun to see. I also designed various sale and promotion banners for both the website and social media.